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 In the realm of Bollywood, the highly-anticipated release of “Bloody Daddy,” featuring the charismatic Shahid Kapoor, has finally hit the digital screens. Under the masterful direction of Ali Abbas Zafar, this film boasts an ensemble cast comprising some of the industry’s finest talents, including Diana Penty, Sanjay Kapoor, Ronit Bose Roy, and Rajeev Khandelwal.

Bloody Daddy: Movie Plot, OTT Platform & Star Cast

“Bloody Daddy” explores the gripping world of drug mafias, seamlessly captivating our attention from start to finish. Ali Abbas Zafar weaves an enthralling action thriller, delving deep into the intricate dynamics of a father-son relationship. Shahid Kapoor portrays the role of an irresponsible father, who undergoes a remarkable transformation, embracing a brutal and frenzied persona when it comes to safeguarding his son’s life.

The narrative unfolds with Sumair (played by Shahid Kapoor) courageously confronting the white-collar drug lords of Gurugram. Battling deceitful friends, a merciless crime boss, vindictive narcs, and a blend of corrupt and incorruptible law enforcement officers, Sumair navigates the treacherous terrain of a single fateful night. Amidst the backdrop of a post-COVID party apocalypse, this embattled protagonist embraces a precarious new normal, unflinchingly determined to protect the one relationship that truly matters to him.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed French film “Sleepless Night” (2011), Bloody Daddy has left audiences awestruck with its impressive adaptation. The film also features the brilliant performances of Ronit Roy, Sanjay Kapoor, Diana Penty, and Rajeev Khandelwal in pivotal roles, elevating the overall cinematic experience.

For those seeking a thrilling cinematic experience, this adrenaline-fueled masterpiece is now available for streaming exclusively on JioCinema.

Bloody Daddy: Twitter Review

As the movie was released on JioCinema, many took to Twitter and other social media platforms to share their review. Unfortunately, Shahid Kapoor’s “Bloody Daddy” has received a mixed reaction among viewers. Here’s what the audience has expressed regarding “Bloody Daddy”:

“Action kuch khaas nahi hai, Par picture mazedaar hai lmfao. They should have marketed it as a thriller, suits it more.”, wrote a netizen on Reddit.

“Scene writing is kinda bad, also they could’ve worked on making Shahid’s character more interesting like John Wick. Nice try, but I think it’s kinda mediocre.”, someone mentioned on Reddit

“Below average movie. WEAK direction BY ali abbas zafar (dude messed up n is sloppy) Sanjay Kapoor Ronit Roy are decent and Shahid tries to carry the weak screenplay and dialogues. Clunky uneven editing. How some shots/scenes are put together seem unintentionally rushed mainly stems from the some very mundane rushed close up and other non-action shots that are so amateurish n unseasoned its shocking that A list director has directed this.”, wrote a Reddit user.

Whereas some people liked the movie and shared the positive responses:

Have you watched it? What do you think?

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