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 The Kashmir Files movie has been making all the news over the past few days. The movie that is based on the exodus of Kashmiri pandits around the year 1990, seems to have struck a chord with the audience. While the movie has courted some controversy, still many have come out praising the handling of the topic, and the way incidents have been portrayed.

Image: The Kashmir Files

Saurabh M Pandey, the writer of the movie opened up about the experience of writing such a powerful and heart-wrenching movie. In a recent conversation with the Times of India, Saurabh mentioned how he had to take a break after inteviewing the victims, as his mind went numb with the pain. He said,

“It was very difficult. When you read about it, listen to it continuously, you get influenced by it. When I was interviewing the victims of this genocide, my mind went numb. I had to take a break after those interviews. Later I resumed work and continued writing.”

He mentioned the biggest challenge he faced while writing such a powerful movie,

“During our research, the most difficult part we felt was what to show in the movie and how much to show.”

Saurabh further added,

Kahaniya toh bahut boli gayi thi, hume sach batana tha.

Talking about how the actors in the movie completely got into their roles, and his favorite actor, Saurabh said,

“Everybody has performed their respective characters with utmost sincerity and honesty. When I looked at them, I didn’t see the actor; I saw the characters that they were playing. I am too young to comment on anybody’s performance. However, having said that, the one performance that I will probably remember all my life would be Anupam Kher sir’s performance. It was also one of my favourite characters in the film. Even Pallavi Joshi ma’am is my all-time favourite actor.”

Released on 11th March in theatres across the country, The Kashmir Files has received appreciation from both critics and audience. Along with this appreciation, the movie has also been called out by some as a tool for propoganda. 

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