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 We’ve already seen one of Shahrukh Khan’s biggest films of the year (Pathaan), and now, the actor is all set to be seen on the big screen again, in September. Directed by Atlee Kumar, the Shahrukh Khan, Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and Sanya Malhotra starrer Jawan is going to release in the second half of this year. The film is anticipated to have a lot of great action sequences, especially by SRK himself.

Stuntman, Shahrukh
Credit: Pinkvilla

So, naturally, professional stuntmen are bound to be a part of the project. Earlier this week, a video of a stuntman who was working closely with SRK spoke about the experience. In the viral video, he says that the actor was incredibly considerate of the safety surrounding the stunts.

“The heroes I work with are usually rough, who come and say I will do this and that. But he was not like that. He asked me how I am going to do that stunt, and checked on the safety. He was worried that I would get hurt and I briefed him about how it was safe.”


Stuntman, Shahrukh
Credit: YouTube

Saddam also said that Shahrukh Khan was dedicated to his work and super kind throughout their work together.

You can watch the clip of Saddam’s interview here.

Though the comments on this video are sparse, so many of them are showering SRK with love.

Stuntman, Shahrukh
Credit: YouTube

You can watch the film’s teaser trailer here.

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