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 During the nostalgic era of the 90s, Bollywood in India witnessed a different kind of charm, dominated by the presence of Govinda. Known for his impeccable comic timing, infectious chemistry with co-stars, and extraordinary dancing skills, Govinda reigned as the ultimate entertainer in the industry.

Be it comedy, drama, or action films, directors found in Govinda a versatile actor who could deliver laughter and entertainment effortlessly. His films of that era continue to leave audiences in stitches, epitomizing the pinnacle of comedy during his reign.

However, as we fast forward to 2023, Govinda’s screen appearances have become few and far between. The absence of an actor with Govinda’s credibility and pedigree raises questions about the reasons behind his decline in the industry. It had also been reported that David Dhawan, who had worked with Govinda in so many films, did not wish to work with the star actor anymore.

Numerous speculations have circulated regarding the alleged “unprofessional behavior” associated with Govinda. Reports in 2017 suggested that his cameo in Anurag Basu’s film Jagga Jasoos, starring Ranbir Kapoor, was dropped due to such behavior. Sometime back, Govinda himself addressed these rumors and shed light on the matter.

In a candid interview with Maniesh Paul, Govinda discussed the accusations labeling him as unprofessional. He aimed to clarify misconceptions and people turning against him within the industry.

While addressing the issue, the actor replied, “When you’re successful, there are many who’ll try to pull you down. When I was at my peak for 14-15 years, when everything was going in my favor, nobody raised these issues. This is the film industry, people change with time, and so do equations. I was at the top for 14 years, there was no planning. But when I realized that people were turning against me, I couldn’t do anything about it. People who grow up with astrology, numerology, Vastu shastra… They don’t pay attention to these puny people. It’s too small a factor to look at. Mountains crumble too.”

In another interview, Govinda said, “Earlier whoever was talented, got work. Every film would get equal opportunities in theatres. But now, there are four or five people who dictate the whole business. They decide if they want to let films of those who aren’t close to them, release properly or not. Some of my good films also didn’t get the right kind of release. But, things are changing now.”

It’s not just Govinda, but many people have spoken about how some powerful people tend to destroy the careers of others. From Vivek Oberoi to Priyanka Chopra to Kangana Ranaut to Tapsee Paanu, many people have spoken about how groups in Bollywood tries to destroy the career of talented actors.

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