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Scary movies are well, scary. And the thing about these creepy and horrifying films is that we watch them despite knowing that they will haunt us for days, sometimes eternally. It’s inexplicably weird. Then there are characters who are just harrowing. Of course, we’ve all watched films as kids that left us scarred with their creepy characters. Most times, we watch such films not knowing what we’re getting into, other times it’s just a toxic trait.

Twitter lists creepy characters - Makdee
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On the other hand, no matter how old we get, we keep getting flashbacks from those films and those characters. And let’s just face it, this has happened to everyone, and there’s no denying that. So Twitter listed such characters that scared them like nobody else, and we’re collectively reliving our nightmares.

A Twitter user, Michael Matteo Rossi, started this thread, and the answers are scary as hell.

These tweets are definitely going to make up one terrible dream.

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