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 Aamir Khan, known for his so-called perfectionist approach to his film roles, seems to take his obsession to the extreme when it comes to his love life. In a disturbing viral video, the Bollywood actor shared that he actually wrote a love letter in his own blood for his ex-wife, Reena Dutta.

For the unversed, Aamir and Reena’s love story had a filmy beginning, as Aamir and Reena were neighbors who would often gaze at each other through their windows for hours. They eventually fell in love and got married on April 18, 1986, and have two children together, Junaid and Ira. However, the couple filed for divorce in December 2002, with Reena being awarded custody of their children.

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In an old interview with Simi Garewal on her show “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal,” Aamir Khan spoke about his intense way of expressing love. He recounted the time he wrote a love letter in blood for Reena Dutta, but unfortunately, she was not impressed. In fact, she found the gesture horrendous and returned the letter to him, advising him never to repeat such a stunt. This incident made Aamir realize that it was not the right way to prove his love.

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When Simi Garewal asked Aamir Khan about his letter in blood for his ex-wife, he said, “Well [I wrote] once, after which I was you know appropriately put in my place by her. She didn’t like it all…she was quite upset with me.” He further added, “I was young and I thought that if I just thought it’s a way to express what the deep love that I have for her. But today I feel that it’s not a nice thing to do.”

Aamir Khan Revelation Write Letters In Blood To Wife
Image: Simi Garewal Show

Aamir further shared another incident that demonstrated his intensity as a lover. He revealed that he shaved his head after being rejected by a girl he loved. Many people mistakenly believed that he did it for a film, but it was actually a personal act related to his heartbreak.

He said, “A lot of people think I shaved my head for the film, when in fact I shaved my head for some other reason altogether. I lost a girl I loved. I mean one day she told me that she didn’t love, and so as a reaction, I went and shaved my head off.’

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Aamir Khan On simi Garewal show

These anecdotes are scary. Aren’t they? These gestures are not at all romantic but creepy, and excessive. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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