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Yo Yo Honey Singh and his songs need no introduction. No party is complete without a Honey Singh song. From Blue Eyes to Angreji Beat, his songs have always people dance. The simple (and misogynistic) lyrics, which are often repetitive and make no sense, are what make his songs catchy. And now in an interview, quite surprisingly, Yo Yo Honey Singh roasted his own songs and called them “stupid”.

honey singh

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Yo Yo Honey Singh talked about some of his songs that have made him immensely popular – Blue Hai Paani, Lungi Dance, and Aunty Police Bula Legi. He dissects the lyrics of the songs and calls them “stupid.” He divulges how he wrote Blue Hai Paani on a flight without much thought.

yo yo honey singh

And that’s not all. He adds that he knew his songs made no sense back in those days, yet he went ahead creating those pieces.

honey singh interview

Snippets from that interview have gone viral on social media. Many fans called him self-aware and were glad that the singer had some realisation and awareness. While others said that those songs worked because they were simple and catchy. On the other hand, a handful of people called this a publicity stunt by Honey Singh to make people listen to his newer songs.

Here’s what they had to say.

yo yo honey singh
honey singh
honey singh roasts his own songs

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You can take a look at the interview here.

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