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 With Jawan on its way to us, fans are waiting hand and foot on Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming action film that is speculated to showcase him as a negative character. Which has us looking back on some of the actor’s best work as a grey character. Because, SRK as a villain or as a character with plentiful shades of grey is a real feast for fans. So, here are the best complex characters Shahrukh Khan has given us:

1. Rahul Mehra, Darr

If there was ever an Indian film character that left many women with a dread of being stalked and put in a seriously dangerous situation, it was Rahul Mehra from Darr. You could say Rahul Mehra was the OG (and a much more intense) Joe Goldberg.

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2. Vijay Agnihotri, Anjaam

And Vijay Agnihotri folks, is a perfect fictional representation of what can occur if a privileged man happens to have a grand sense of entitlement and is also mentally unstable. Nightmare on Elm Street, if you ask me.

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3. Ajay Sharma, Baazigar

Another vengeful character played by SRK; there’s just something so spine-chilling about Shahrukh Khan playing a role that involves an elaborate plan of revenge, don’t you think so too?

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4. Bablu Chaudhary / Manu Dada, Duplicate

In Duplicate, the celeb had a dual role, and one of them was on the darker side of the spectrum; Manu Dada. A notorious criminal, who clearly lacks a moral compass. You could say this character wasn’t as terrifying as the previous ones we’ve mentioned.

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5. Don/ Vijay, Don

Though Shahrukh Khan played a big, bad crime-lord in Don, most of us were in awe of his charm as the villain. In this film, most of the audience was crushing on the actor’s ability to play such a wanted and sophisticated criminal so, so well.

Credit: A Potpourri Of Vestiges

6. Gaurav Chandna/ Aryan Khanna, Fan

In 2016, Shahrukh Khan returned as a crazed and obsessed character who just couldn’t let bygones be bygones. And though the film received mixed reviews, his role as Gaurav Chandna was an interesting addition to all the other complex characters he has played.

Credit: The Cinemaholic

They don’t call King Khan the last of the superstars in Bollywood for no reason.

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