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OTT Releases This Weekend: Prepare yourself for an exhilarating lineup of fresh weekend movies and web series on various OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, JioCinema and others, featuring a compelling array of binge-worthy dramas to satiate your entertainment cravings.

 Among the exciting titles gracing the screen are captivating shows and movies like Salaar, Indian Police Force, Blue Beetle, and an assortment of other engaging options. With this diverse selection, your weekend is bound to be filled with gripping narratives and immersive storytelling, offering a delightful escape into the world of these must-watch series.

OTT Releases This Weekend



As fans anticipate the digital debut of’ Salaar’, Netflix has finally confirmed the streaming date for Prabhas-starrer. On Friday, Netflix took to its official Instagram account and wrote, “Khansaar's Salaar, Varadharaja Mannar's Salaar is here and you already know the war machine is UNSTOPPABLE! #Salaar is coming to Netflix on 20 January in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.”

American Nightmare

Helmed by Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, the miniseries "American Nightmare" unfolds across three episodes. The narrative revolves around the 2015 abduction and sexual assault of Denise Huskins. Initially, both Denise and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn were accused by the police of orchestrating a hoax when she reappeared. For those curious about the prospect of an American Nightmare Season 2, we have all the details covered.

The Bequeathed

After the death of an unknown uncle, a woman inherits a burial ground and finds herself in the center of a string of murders and dark secrets.


Indian Police Force

DCP Kabir Malik and his senior officer Joint CP Vikram Bakshi go on to investigate a series of bomb blasts in Delhi, with the help of Gujarat ATS Chief Tara Shetty. They find that the culprit is Zarar, an Al-Mujahideen terrorist, and set out to arrest him.

Hazbin Hotel

The series follows Charlie Morningstar, the princess of Hell, as she sets about fulfilling her seemingly impossible dream of opening a hotel called the "Happy Hotel," which aims to rehabilitate sinners.


True Detective Season 4: Night Country

The storyline of the season takes place in the made-up town of Ennis, Alaska, and focuses on the search for eight missing men from a research station. Jodie Foster and Kali Reis play the roles of Detectives Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro in the season. Notably, this season is the first to have a subtitle, which is "Night Country."

Chicago Fire: Season 12

A suspicious fire and Firehouse 51 having to deal with other firefighters that they don't completely get along with.

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes suddenly finds himself in possession of an ancient relic of alien biotechnology called the Scarab. When the Scarab chooses Jaime to be its symbiotic host, he's bestowed with an incredible suit of armor that's capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers, forever changing his destiny as he becomes the superhero Blue Beetle.


Extra Ordinary Man

Abhinay aka Abhi, a junior artist with a goal of becoming a mainstream actor, fails in multiple attempts. He then becomes the CEO of his lover Likitha's company. Unexpectedly, he confronts a criminal named Nero in a film-like scenario and challenges him to defeat him.

A Shop For Killers

The TV show is adapted from a book called "The Killer's Shopping Mall," written by Kang Ji-young. It tells the story of a girl who lost her parents and was raised by her uncle, who owns a strange shopping mall. The show first came out on Disney+ on January 17, 2024, in certain places, and on Hulu in the United States.


Where The Crawdads Sing

Abandoned as a girl, Kya raised herself in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina. For years, rumors of the marsh girl haunted Barkley Cove, isolating the sharp and resilient Kya from her community. Drawn to two young men from town, she opens herself to a new and startling world. However, when one of them is found dead, Kya immediately becomes the main suspect. As the case unfolds, the verdict as to what happened becomes increasingly unclear, threatening to reveal many secrets.

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