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South Indian Movies Take Over Theaters and Streaming Services!

South Indian movies are becoming more and more popular, both in movie theaters and online. Here's a look at some recent hits and where you can watch them if you missed them on the big screen:

  • Blockbusters at the Box Office:

    • Manjummel Boys: This movie made a huge splash, earning over 200 crore rupees (around $24 million) and breaking box office records! It tells the true story of a group of friends from a small town near Kochi who take a fun trip together.
    • Premalu: This romantic comedy kept audiences entertained with its engaging story.
    • Hanuman: This Telugu superhero movie was a big hit in theaters, especially the Teja Sajja's performance in the lead role.
  • Coming Soon to Streaming Services:

    • Lover: This movie explores the challenges of a long-term relationship as a couple drifts apart. Will their love survive? Find out when it hits streaming services!
    • Premalu (Disney+ Hotstar): This romantic comedy is now available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar. It features Naslen K. Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju in the lead roles.
    • Manjummel Boys (Disney+ Hotstar): Get ready to see the story of the Manjummel friends again! This movie is also coming to Disney+ Hotstar.
    • Hanuman (Disney+ Hotstar): Calling all superhero fans! The Telugu version of Hanuman will be available on Disney+ Hotstar starting April 5th. If you prefer Hindi, you can already catch it on JioCinema. Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada versions will also be available on Disney+ Hotstar on April 5th.

So, whether you're a fan of heartwarming stories, action-packed adventures, or classic romances, there's a South Indian movie out there for you. And with many of these films now available on streaming platforms, you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home!

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