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We all talk about the latest updates of the celebs and are always keen to know what’s happening in their lives. But when it comes to talking about their unknown facts, not everyone is aware of that. So below we have shared some interesting facts about your favorite celebs that everyone isn’t aware of.

Amitabh Bachchan has the ability to use the right and left hands equally well:

The most influential actor of Hindi cinema and the inspiration of many along with his acting skills has a talent that is not known to many of us. The actor who is known to speak so well has also the ability to write with both right and left hands equally. Wow, that sounds great!

Hritik Roshan made his acting debut when he was just 6 years old, for the movie “Asha”

According to most people, Hrithik made his debut as an adult actor in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. But do you know when exactly he made his debut? He made his acting debut when he was just 6 years old. He appeared in a dance sequence for the movie Asha.

Sonam Kapoor worked as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant in Singapore to manage her expenses:

Everyone knows that Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of famous Bollywood star Anil Kapoor, but being a star kid she has her own share of hard work. At the age of just 15 she started her first job as a waitress when she was studying in Singapore. She worked at a Chinese restaurant for her pocket money.

Waheeda Rahma and Rakhee, both, have played roles of mother and lover to Amitabh Bachchan:

We can all imagine the actress working with actors as their heroines in the film, but doesn’t it sounds different when we talk about the same actress playing the role of a lover and a mother both. But there are actresses who made it happen, and it’s Waheeda Rahman and Rakhee, who played the role of a lover and mother both.

Shah Rukh Khan’s least favorite school subject was Hindi:

Shahrukh Khan is a famous actor in Hindi film industry but not many know that in school Hindi was one of his least favorite subjects. Even his mother said that if he scores well in Hindi she will take him to a Hindi movie. And surprisingly he scored the highest in the subject and as per the promise his mother took him to watch Dev Anand’s Joshila.

Kal Ho Na Ho’, Karan and Farah gave a guest appearance together which was left unnoticed by everyone:

In Nikhil’s directorial debut ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ Karan Johar and Farah Khan played guests in a restaurant scene. However, at that time they went unnoticed.

Ranveer Singh’s original name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani, and he is Sonam Kapoor’s second cousin:

Only a handful of people know that Sonam Kapoor’s maternal grandmother and Ranveer Singh’s paternal grandfather are siblings. This makes Ranveer’s mother Anju Bhavnani and Sonam’s mother Sunita Kapoor first cousins. And Ranveer and Sonam second cousin.

Aamir khan was very good at tennis in his school days and played at the national level:

Mr perfectionist Aamir Khan who is known to entertain us with the best storyline was a good tennis player when he was in school. He played at the national level and was crazy for tennis.

Kareena’s name has been inspired by the book Anna Karenina:

Most of us know that Kareena’s nickname is Bebo, but hardly anyone knows that how he got the name Kareena. Well, it was the name inspired from the book Anna Karenina, that her mom was reading when she was pregnant. And that’s how Bebo got her name Kareena.

Sharmila Tagore became the first Indian actress to appear in a bikini in ‘An Evening in Paris’ :

Wearing a bikini in the world of glamour is quite common, but not everyone knows who started the trend first. So to brush up your knowledge, let us tell you that it was Sharmila Tagore who became the first Indian actress to wear a bikini in the film An Evening in Paris (1967)

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