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Here is a list of Bollywood actresses who didn’t hesitate in making changes to their natural features and went under the knife in a bid to look perfect. Some of these cosmetic transformations were flawless but some went awfully wrong too. Let’s have a look at them. 1. Anushka Sharma The PK girl became an overnight sensation for gossip because of her lip job. Anushka’s plumpy lip pout was trolled and became a topic of concern for her fans. Though Anushka without denying the fact, publicly accepted that her plumpy lips were a result of lips enhancing tool which went wrong. She went on to say that she is also a human not perfect. However Anushka Sharma has always being beautiful with a progressing career and the lip job didn’t make any significant difference to her career, though we appreciate her for her honesty.
2. Vaani Kapoor Vaani Kapoor caught everyone’s eyes when the trailer of 2016 romantic-drama, Befikre was released. Vaani seemed to have joined the cosmetic edit club with alot of changes to her chin, lips and face structure. Vaani looked soft and real with her natural look in Shuddh Desi Romance but the cosmetic surgery made noticeable transformation to her facial features. Although Vaani never accepted to have undergone cosmetic surgery and attributed the changes to her major weight loss and thus put down the rumours going round her cosmetic remake.
3. Shruti Haasan Shruti Haasan, daughter of versatile actor Kamal Haasan is seemingly gorgeous and has been very open about undergoing a nose surgery. However Shruti Hassan additionally stated that she underwent a nose surgery because of medical reasons. She had a common disorder involving deviating septum for which she went through a septoplasty. Moreover Shruti Haasan was also trolled for having a liposuction but this brave girl rubbished all rumours claiming that whatever she does with her body is her own business and she is not answerable to the masses.
4. Shilpa Shetty Shipa Shetty, the winner of Big Brother is one of India’s famous, talented and high profile celebrities. Shilpa Shetty is in her 40s and must be applauded for maintaining an incredibly toned body. Though maintaining her well, Shilpa is on the list of Bollywood celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery. She underwent two nose jobs which did wonders not only for her looks but for her career as well. Shilpa Shetty has been honest about her nose job publicly claiming it not to be a big deal. According to her now the sharp nose balances her facial features well.
5. Aishwarya Rai It will come as a shocking surprise to us knowing that the former Miss World who is credited as one of the most beautiful woman in the world is also rumoured to have undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her flawless beauty. Aishwarya Rai has been under thick controversy regarding her undergoing plastic surgery procedures. There have been reports suggesting that she had lip fillers, facial fillers, a nose job and a cheek implant done because there is a significant difference in her face from her initial career days and now. Though Aishwarya never publicly admitted to going under the knife.
6. Nargis Fakhri The Rockstar lady was once a contestant on America’s Top Model and gradually she made her way into Bollywood starring opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. During her youth years, Fakhri had thinner lips but now she has a poutier mouth than ever. According to trollers, Nargis Fakhri has taken the duck-face trend too far. There is a significant change in her facial features since her initial days of her career though she looks gorgeous.
7. Aditi Rao Hydari Aditi Rao Hydari may not be as popular as her Bollywood contemporaries because of not so progressing career in Bollywood but Aditi is surely fabulous and stunning. Aditi underwent a nose job and now her nose looks thinner and straighter. The nose job has for sure added refinement and definition to her facial features. But still we are not in a position to comment whether this nose job brought significant difference to her career prospects.
8. Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif is one of the most popular and famous celebrities in India. Viewers have always debated on who is more beautiful, Aishwarya or Katrina. Unlike Aishwarya, Katrina Kaif has also been subjected to several cosmetic surgery rumours. Though Katrina has never publicly admitted to having a cosmetic surgery. However if one compares her initial photographs with the recent ones, one can easily notice a significant change in her facial appearance. The most common assumptions of her cosmetic surgery are nose job, lip and cheek fillers.
9. Preity Zinta Preity is as pretty as her name and a bubbly and cheerful actress. Being in her 40s she seems to have undergone botox surgery and cheek fillers. Although Preity Zinta has always denied rumours of her cosmetic alterations but there has been significant changes in her facial features if we take a close look to her initial pictures and recent ones. The recent pictures suggest that she underwent several corrective procedures. Despite this Preity Zinta is an adorable actress and has given us some memorable films.
10. Priyanka Chopra One of the most popular and charming actress of Bollywood who has made her mark in Hollywood as well, the former Miss World Priyanka Chopra has transformed from ‘girl-next-door’ to a stunning diva. Priyanka underwent numerous surgeries from her nose to her lips and it has turned out to be marvellous for her career. Priyanka never accepted undergoing surgeries but she neither rejected the use of enchantments such as injections, lip fillers and other treatments.
11. Karishma Kapoor Karishma stands to be one of the gorgeous actresses in the Bollywood film industry. Essentially she didn’t required tweaks to her already sharp facial features but she went ahead to get a nose job and a lip surgery to enhance her facial features.
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