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Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world. Indian films today not only release in India but overseas too. They earn really well at the box office. The Bollywood industry has the power to make anyone a rich from a rag or a rag from rich. Some of the stars in the Bollywood belong to such a poor family background that once they had to spend nights without eating food. Today we will tell you about 3 superstars of Bollywood who became rich from the rag.

1) Mithun Chakravarti

The disco dancer of the Bollywood has a property worth Rs 300 crore today. In Tamil Nadu’s Ooty he has a number of hotels and restaurants. But once there was a time when he didn’t have money to buy food. One shocking fact about him is – he was a Naxalite.

His real name is Gaurang Chakraborty. However, only a few people know that before debuting in the films, Mithun was a Naxalite. But one tragic incident changed his life completely when his elder and only brother died due to an electric shock.

His family was all alone after the death of his elder brother and needed him for the survival so Mithun left the Naxalite group and returned to the home. This was his turning point of life who made him superstar afterward.

2) Johny Lever

Johny Lever is the son of a poor farmer. Today he has a property in crores and indeed he is a richer man. He is one of the best comedians of the Bollywood. But once he was so poor that he managed to study till 7th standard only. To gather money for his family he used to sell the newspaper on the roads.

3) Rajinikanth

He is the Megastar of the South Indian films. He is an ace action hero. But once he was the poorest man. He did various jobs for his survival including that of a coolie, carpenter and a bus conductor.

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