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Bigg Boss is undoubtedly the biggest Indian reality show format in India and once can say that it is the only show that runs across different languages and veriticals throughout the year and that too with a great TRP. The Hindi season just got over and now fans are super excited for the Kannada version. So for all you Bigg Boss fans, do you want to meet all the contestants for this year? Take a look at the list below – Dhanushree Shubha Poonja Shankar Ashwath Vishwanath Haveri Vaishnavi Gowda KP Aravind Nidhi Subbaiah Shamanth Geetha Bharathi Bhat Manju Pavagada Divya Suresh Chandrakala Mohan Raghu Gowda Prashanth Sambargi Divya Uruduga Rajeev Nirmala Chanappa

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