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Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has recently been 37 years old. Kareena celebrated her birthday with husband Saif Ali Khan and son Taimur Ali Khan. Love Story of Kareena and Saif is very interesting. Closer to film tension between the two By the way, before Saif, Kareena had a relationship with Shahid.

However, after breaking up with Shahid, Kareena married Saif for 10 years with her. You probably do not know why Kareena did this, but today we will tell you the story behind it.

In fact, during an interview, Kareena said that she loved Saif's nature. They respect women very much. Kareena said, I want to be like a self-dependent woman. I had told Saif before the marriage that I would also be working after marriage and Saif gave my complete support in this. They always help in advancing women.

Kareena also said that she wants to work her entire life, so she put this condition before Saif before marriage and when Saif said yes then Kareena got ready to marry Saif.

This is how their love story started
Saif and Kareena became friends during the shooting of Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer Tashan. Kareena had told during an interview that she was quite impressed with Saif's nature. Kareena had said that Saif had great respect for women and he had no objection of after marriage if she works in the film.

So, this was the reason she tried to escape house

After several years of relationship, when both of them decided to get married, the family members gave their full support. The families of both of them decided to marry pompously, but Saif and Kareena were not prepared for it. Both wanted that the marriage was not in a pity, so both of them threatened their families that if both of them were married, they would run away from the house and get married secretly. After which both the families of both of them got a court marriage arrangement.

only selected people were called in court marriage. Last year, the son of both sons Taimur Ali Khan was born. Tell Taimur that he has been shadowed on social media since his birth.

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