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Right from the 90’s college sensation to the late 2020’s Bollywood style icon, there is a drastic change in the style and fashion pattern of various actresses we see but we forget that the actresses are still the same and they still have their charm. To make you understand better, we have all-time favorite Kajol, and today, she is with her hot saree looks, just like the one we saw back in early 2000. Kajol in 2021 still looks like the girl we saw in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Isn’t she still young by the body and freshly mind? We think yes, because all we can see is, she has aged like a fine wine. No wonder why she is still one of the best actresses when we think of style and fashion even at the age of 46, she is the one leaving us mesmerized with her never-aging beauty! Right from the skirt to her saree, she has nailed everything effortlessly! If we just take a little effort to search Kajol’s Instagram handle, then we are sure she won’t disappoint us as she has worn sarees more than anything else in her acting career. Right from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to Dilwale, she has evolved and how! But the saree still looks the same on her. After taking a look at her Instagram handle, we have compiled her best saree looks and we need to say, the newbies still fell nowhere compared to her hot saree avatar, check out!

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