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Karishma Ka Karishma and Kal Ho Naa Ho fame child actor Jhanak Sharma is now 25 and enjoying a quiet life away from the world of acting, glitz and glamour. The actress claims she’s now jobless and content. She feels that she has earned the right to relax at this point in life as she worked straight through her childhood years.

In an interview clip shared by Brut India, Jhanak reveals what life is like for her away from the camera glares and what she’s been upto. "My retirement has already begun, my parents say that because I don't work as such," she proclaims.

Talking about slowly becoming an introvert after being an extrovert as a child Jhanak adds, "After a point of time, I was like 'okay, too many people approach me.' But, I don't know I enjoyed that also. But sometimes I just felt I wanted some space. Had I been acting I would actually mind because I like walking on the streets and all so that would have been difficult."

Away from acting, Jhanak developed an interest in history and archeology and wants to work in a museum in New Zealand. That however doesn’t mean she ever hated acting. Explaining why she distanced herself from the cinema she adds, "I was not actually fed up of acting. I was 15-16 so I was like, I have to chill now. Because during childhood I had worked a lot. I even used to go to school on a regular basis and did my homework and everything. It was fun but somewhere I missed a small part of my childhood. So, my parents were also like, 'take a break now.' That's somewhere when I lost track when it comes to acting. I started finding history interesting. I am an archeologist."

Jhanak says when she was younger she envisioned she’d be earning lots of money at this stage in life but life never turned out that way. "When I was young, I used to think when I'll be 24 I'll be earning a lot, and I'd be settled and married. I'm 25 and I'm not earning anything."

Well, Jhanak was quiet a popular face as a child and she might have stopped taking up acting offers but she definitely has made some fans for life based on the work she’s already done.

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