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We all are obsessed with something. Some love cars, some love space, some just love to travel a lot, some love to sing, some love to go for a ride at midnight, this will go on as there are millions of people on earth and each one of them has a different obsession. We all are different and with a difference, the need to get different. Even the Bollywood celebs couldn’t hide their obsession and today, we have Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan, and Saif Ali Khan!

We all have been obsessed with something but the thing which Bollywood stars are obsessed with is a little weird to listen to and read but it will get to you after you understand them. Here are the best 3 Bollywood actors with their obsessions-

Ajay Devgn- He is known for his awesome roles and acts on the big screen. But the fact of his real-life is he never uses his hands to eat food. He uses spoons and a fork to eat bhaji, dal, or roti. Well, that’s interesting! His defense was that he doesn’t like the smelly fingers.

Salman Khan- Our Bhaijaan from Bollywood may have been very neat and handsome in looks but even he has a secret obsession to share. He loves to collect varieties of soaps from across the world. Well, he has a unique collection of soap bars at his home.

Saif Ali Khan- The new parent in the town is in the mood to enjoy. But with his style and fashion to cloud 9, we would love to share a secret of him! We already know that he is an avid reader. But his obsessions for reading made him put a library in his bathroom too, lol!

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