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He is the person born in the 1980s who used to live in a crawl somewhere in Mumbai. He spent his childhood in extreme poverty but the important thing is he didn’t let the situation go that way, he worked hard, left his studies in middle, and when he reached the peak point in his career, he was the respect he deserved, the name is Jackie Shroff and today, we are here with some of the most interesting facts of him, buckle up!

‘Bhidu’ was the dialogue we still recite when we see him on the big screen. Jackie Shroff is one of the most known actors of his time. He went on to be the perfect man we all wanted to see. He made a sensational debut with Dev Anand’s Swami Dada but he got fame after playing a leading role in ‘Hero’. Below are the best things you need to know about him- AS PER INTERNET SOURCES,

1. One day, Jackie Shroff was standing near a bus stand with long sleeves shirt and a handsome face and a man came near and noticed his looks and offered him to work. That’s where it all started.

2. He married his long-time girlfriend Ayesha Dutt who later transformed herself from a model to a producer on her birthday.

3. Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital still manages to feed 100 fo families and thanks to the greatness of Jackie Shroff who runs this account.

4. We all have been knowing him for a different reason and names like Jaggu Dada but his real name is Jaikishen Kakubhai Shroff.

5. Apart from being a hero, Jackie Shroff played various roles in his lifetime career which includes comedy, horror, villain, and even a ghost in ‘Bhoot Uncle’.

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