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Anupama 13th December 2021 Upcoming Spoiler: Anuj's Past To Haunt Him Again

Anupama Upcoming Spoiler:
In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, Anuj will uncover his previous associations with Malvika. Such a long ways in Anupama's story, Anuj recaptures awareness easing Anupama and all others.
Vanraj upholds Anupama to continue on in her existence with Anuj as he is the perfect individual for her. Vanraj further advises Anupama to concede that she cherishes Anuj and empowers her by setting her free so she can decide for herself.
Anupama attempts to tell her sentiments to Anuj yet gets hindered by a call from an individual called Malvika. Presently according to the tattles, Anuj will uncover that he has some previous associations with Malvika.
He will tell that she is his greatest obligation, even significant than Anupama.
Where Anupama will attempt to admit her sentiments, Anuj will get stressed over the call from Malvika.
We should see who Malvika really is to Anuj in the upcoming episodes of Anupama.

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