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BhagyaLakshmi upcoming story: Lakshmi To Read Rishi's Note
Bhagyalaxmi upcoming story:

Later on Bhagyalaxmi serial episodes, Lakshmi will observe a note on the floor and will get it.

Lakshmi will understand that she had seen a similar note in Rishi's grasp and will open it.

As of recently in the Bhagyalaxmi story, Rishi will compose a note to Malishka conceding that he needs to wed her.

Rishi catchs Lakshmi while the note gets into her hand.

Afterward, Ayush takes Lakshmi and Rishi for Malishka's Roka function.

Presently according to the serial tattles of Bhagyalaxmi, Rishi will request that Malishka wed him.

Malishka will let him know that she just got done with her Roka service.

Further, Rishi will let Malishka know that he composed a note to illuminate her that he is prepared to wed her.

Malishka will get some information about the note when he'll say that it has lost.

In the mean time, Lakshmi will observe the note and will be opening it, as indicated by the spoiler of Bhagyalaxmi.

Allow us to see whether Lakshmi peruses the note, in the upcoming bits of the Bhagyalaxmi serial.

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