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Bhagyalaxmi upcoming story:
Later on Bhagyalaxmi serial episodes, while Lakshmi will search for Malishka's marriage outfit, she feels as though she saw Malishka in the shop. As of not long ago in the Bhagyalaxmi story, Rishi feels remorseful for cheating upon Lakshmi.
Lakshmi attempts to ask Rishi the justification for his strain. Rishi lets Lakshmi know that he isn't the right person for her while Lakshmi says that he is the ideal person for her.
Presently according to the serial tattles of Bhagyalaxmi, Malishka will wear a wedding dress and quest for Rishi to show him her outfit. In the interim, Rishi will find Lakshmi yet they won't see each other as the marriage dress Lakshmi is holding comes in the middle of them.
Afterward, Lakshmi will be let Dadaji know that she tracked down a lovely outfit for Malishka.
Simultaneously, Malishka will stroll past Lakshmi. Lakshmi will feel her quality however Malishka escapes her sight up to that point, as indicated by the spoilers of Bhagyalaxmi.
Allow us to check whether Lakshmi spots Malishka in the shop, in the upcoming touch of the Bhagyalaxmi serial.

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