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Bhagyalaxmi upcoming twist: Lakshmi Finds Love Bands

 Bhagyalaxmi upcoming turn:

Later on Bhagyalaxmi serial episodes, Lakshmi will see the second 50% of the adoration band in her room.

As of recently in the Bhagyalaxmi story, Malishka resents Rishi. Along these lines, she lets Viraj know that she is prepared for the marriage.

Then again, Lakshmi attempts to ask Rishi for what valid reason is he vexed after Malishka's marriage sorted out.

Presently according to the serial tattles of Bhagyalaxmi, Viraj will find out if Malishka has an unsanctioned romance with somebody from his family.

Further, Lakshmi will disclose to Rishi that everybody wishes to have a dependable soul mate.

Out of nowhere, Lakshmi goes over the adoration band and will let Rishi know that he gave the affection band to Malishka as he had just single portion of it.

Lakshmi will ask Rishi that from where did this subsequent half come in their room.

In the mean time, Malishka will be crying while at the same time checking out the affection band she has, as indicated by the spoiler of Bhagyalaxmi.

Allow us to see what occurs straightaway, in the upcoming story of the Bhagyalaxmi serial.

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