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Imli spoiler:

Imli spoiler:

In the upcoming serial episodes of Imli, Imlie will apply Mehandi to Malini.

The current story of Imlie rotates around the Tripathi family messing around at the outfit party where Aditya will not band together with Imlie.

Further, Aryan accomplices with Imlie, and the two of them dance exquisitely as a piece of the game.

Presently according to the upcoming tattles of Imlie, Imlie will apply Mehandi to Malini and the letter "A" will erroneously apply to Imlie's hand.

Further, Malini will request that Imlie go to her marriage and Imlie will answer that she will go to without a doubt.

We should perceive how might Imlie and Aditya face this passionate rollercoaster ride of marriage, in the upcoming story of Imlie.

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