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Imlie 16th December 2021 spoiler

Imli spoiler:

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In the upcoming Imli serial episodes, Imlie will go into Tripathi's home to cover Aditya's wedding.

The current story of Imli serial rotates around Anu baiting Aryan with a major measure of cash to cover her girl's wedding with Aditya.

Afterward, Imlie acknowledges to cover Aditya and Malini's wedding with Aryan's consolation.

In the mean time, Anu makes marriage plans in Tripathi's home for her little girl's wedding.

Presently according to the upcoming tattles of Imlie, Imlie will present herself as a journalist of the Bhaskar Times to the Tripathi family.

She will likewise clarify that she will cover Aditya and Malini's wedding.

How about we perceive how might Imli deal with her feelings to satisfy her expert obligation, in the upcoming episodes of the serial Imli.

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