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Molkki upcoming turn: Purvi hurt after seeing Virendra with Sakshi

Molkki upcoming turn:

Later on Molkki serial episodes, Sakshi will inebriate Virendra and will go through the night with him while Purvi will get stunned seeing them.

As of not long ago in Molkki's story, Virendra did Purvi's Grah Pravesh while Satyam maneuvered Renu toward imagining that he really focuses just on her and not the extravagances.

Further, Prakashi got back to the haveli and attempted to kill Anjali later which she was sorry yet Virendra showed her out as Purvi let him know that they ought to bring her back.

Presently according to the upcoming story of Molkki, Sakshi will blend something in Virendra's juice and will make her house keeper give the juice to him.

Subsequently, she will go through the night with Virender who botches Sakshi as Purvi.

Toward the beginning of the day, Purvi will get stunned seeing Virendra and Sakshi together in bed, as indicated by the tattles of Molkki.

How about we see what will Purvi do next later on spoilers of the Molkki serial.

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