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Sirf Tum tattle: Ranveer introduces her mother to Suhani

Sirf Tum tattle:

In the upcoming Sirf Tum serial episodes, Ranveer will acquaint her mom with the individual he loves while her mom will misconstrue Suhani with Riya.

Such a long ways in Sirf Tum's story, Rajveer guaranteed his mom that he will remain with them at the house later which he went to get Suhani with an emergency vehicle because of the injury in her lower leg.

Further, they coincidentally found a pregnant woman who was in basic condition in the street and did her conveyance while Riya uncovered to Ranveer's family that she cherishes him.

Presently according to the upcoming touches of Sirf Tum, Ranveer will let his mom know that he will take her to the school and will acquaint her with the individual who is the purpose for his grin.

A short time later, he will point towards Suhani and will say that he prefers her while his mom will misconstrue and will feel that he is discussing Riya and not Suhani, as indicated by the spoilers of Sirf Tum.

How about we see what will Ranveer do next in the upcoming story of Sirf Tum.

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