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Udaariyaan spoiler: Jasmine sees Tejo and Angad dancing at the party

Udaariyaan spoiler:

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Jasmine will be stunned to see Tejo hitting the dance floor with Angad at Mr. Sharma's party.

The current story of Udariyan rotates around Angad attempting to perk Tejo up who is gravely missing Fateh.

Then again, Fateh is thinking that it is hard to quit pondering Tejo.

Somewhere else, Jasmine looks into the party that Angad will join in and chooses to look at for herself.

Presently, according to the tattles of Udaariyan, Angad and Tejo will appreciate moving at the commitment party.

Then again, Fateh will be at Mr. Sharma's party too as he has started working for him.

Fateh will see Tejo and Angad moving on the stage. He will be stressed as he would rather not get spotted by Tejo.

Afterward, Jasmine will show up at the party and see Tejo and Angad moving together, as indicated by the upcoming story of Udaria.

Allow us to see whether Tejo spots Fateh or Jasmine at the party, in the upcoming bits of the Udariya serial.

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