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Molkki spoiler: Anjali Shares Truth

Molkki spoiler:

In the upcoming Molkki serial episodes, Anjali will uncover that Satyam is the dad of her kid.

The current story of Molkki rotates around Purvi attempting to uncover Prakashi's deeds.

Prakashi undermines Dharam to hurt his girl and requests that he lie to Virender.

Then again, Dharam lets Virender know that he put Prakashi on Purvi's orders.

Presently, according to the tattles of Molkki, Virender will say that assuming Renu doesn't wed Satyam right now then they can't get hitched for the following a half year.

Anjali will intrude on Virender and will demand him to pay attention to her for once.

Further, Anjali will tell Satyam's reality and will uncover Prakashi.

Anjali will educate Virender that Purvi told all that genuine concerning Prakashi, as per the upcoming story of Molkki.

Allow us to see what will Virender do against Prakashi, in the upcoming touches of the Molkki serial.

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