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Molkki upcoming turn: Sakshi tries to end her life

Molkki upcoming turn:

Later on Molkki serial episodes, Sakshi will attempt to maneuver Virendra toward being with him by drinking poison.

As of recently in the Molkki story, Purvi saved Anjali and figured out how to avert the thugs after which she took a weapon and undermined Kajri to deal with Anjali.

Notwithstanding, just they were going to leave for Rewari, Prakashi and her hooligans came there with firearms and prevented them from leaving.

Presently according to the spoilers of Molkki, Kajri will attempt to powerfully make Anjali drink something to cut short her youngster while Purvi will attempt to stop her.

In the mean time, Sakshi will drink poison and will attempt to maneuver Virendra toward feeling regretful and be near her, as per the tattles of Molkki.

How about we see what will Purvi do next in the upcoming story of Molkki.

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