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Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Baxi's life in Danger

Vidrohi Upcoming Story:

In the upcoming Vidrohi serial episodes, Buxi will be nibbled by a harmful scorpion.

Local people request that Kalyani apply spices on Buxi's injury and not let him move.

Such a long ways in Vidrohi's story, Kalyani gets faulted for attempting to take Radha's significant other.

Kalyani couldn't deal with somebody scrutinizing her honesty and left the castle.

At the point when Buxi gets back to the royal residence, Radha lets him know that Kalyani has left from that point. Buxi gets enraged and passes on to track down Kalyani

Coming, Buxi gets nibbled by a scorpion.

Presently according to the tattles of the Vidrohi serial, Kalyani will be dealing with Buxi who is oblivious.

Buxi will start moving yet Kalyani some way or another attempts to stop his developments to try not to allow the toxin to spread in his body.

Afterward, Buxi's nose will start draining and one of local people will say that the toxic substance has started to show its belongings, as indicated by the spoilers of Vidrohi.

How about we see whether Kalyani saves Buxi, in the upcoming touches of Vidrohi.

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