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Bollywood’s glitzy exterior conceals a murky underside. The mafia funded the films, and the directors were required to pay hafta. By the mid-1990s, things had turned bad for the Bollywood fraternity.

There have been several high-profile cases of mafia attacks on the industry. Today we will talk about those celebs who have connections with the underworld –

Mamta Kulkarni and Vikram Goswami

Mamta Goswami, who has been in several successful Bollywood films, moved to Dubai with her husband Vikram more than ten years ago. Vikram is facing charges of money laundering and narcotics trafficking, and the pair were arrested in Kenya last year.

Monica Bedi and Abu Salem

Monica Bedi, an aspiring actress, struck up an instant bond with the smooth-talking gangster. It’s no secret that he persuaded some directors to place her in their films, giving her an advantage in the industry. Following their arrest, they split up, with Salem remaining in custody.

Haji Mastan and Sona

Sona was married to the first celebrity gangster in Bombay, mostly because she resembled Madhubala so closely. Haji had a soft spot for the recently deceased Madhubala.

Dawood Ibrahim and Anita Ayub

Anita Ayub, a beauty pageant contestant, was linked to Dawood Ibrahim, an underworld tyrant. In 1995, when Bollywood producer Javed Siddique declined to cast her in a film, he was assassinated by one of Dawood’s men.

Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim

The D Company, which has long been associated with Bollywood, is alleged to have influenced the actress’s casting in films. She is known for her waterfall dancing and is said to have had an affair with the don. Dyan Chandrasekaran, a businessman from Agra, formed the D Company, which is one of Bollywood’s largest names.

Gulshan Kumar’s brutal killing

Gulshan Kumar was assassinated by members of the underworld in 1997. When the Lokhandwala resident was shot, he was on his way to the temple. Dawood is thought to have ordered the hit, with Abu Salem also playing a role in the assassination.

Rakesh Roshan shot dead

Ali Baba Budesh shot Hrithik’s father in the arm and chest when he refused to give him a cut of the proceeds from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai in 2000. After refusing to pay over the money, Hrithik’s father, a major personality in Bollywood, was shot by his men.

Extortion of Bollywood directors

Budish and Dawood are notorious for extorting money from Bollywood power players. Mukesh Bhatt, Boney Kapoor, and Rakesh Roshan have all stated that they have received requests for profit sharing. Budish has been arrested and is being held in a Mumbai jail on extortion accusations.

Shah Rukh Khan and Chhota Shakeel

SRK has acknowledged speaking under duress to feared gangster Chhota Shakeel, alleging that he was forced to listen to a story and determine whether or not to produce a film about it. After the premiere of the film Happy New Year, he received death threats and received threats from Abu Salem.

Sanjay Dutt 1993 case

Sanjay was apprehended by police in 1994 in connection with the 1993 Mumbai bombings. He was just prosecuted and imprisoned, however, he was previously arrested in 1994 for the same offence. Close accomplices of Dawood’s, including Abu Salem, are said to have visited Sanjay and kept weaponry at his residence.


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