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Now let us look at some of the prominent villains from Bollywood industry who made heroes look like kids with their amazing acting:

1. Shankar Pandey- Sangharsh (played by Ashutosh Rana)

The entire Bollywood industry has never seen a villain as horrifying and terrifying as Ashutosh Rana in the movie Sangharsh. His role in this movie is one of the most iconic roles that a devil can have. Lajja Shankar Pandey is shown as a serial killer, a kidnaper but on the contrary, being very spirituous.

Shankar Pandey- Sangharsh

2. Langda Tyagi- Omkara (played by Saif Ali Khan)

The character of Langda Tyagi is shown as the one who demonstrates his anger, growling and has an extraordinary effect on the audience. One of the most popular dialogue of the movie is “Teri aur meri kismat to gadhe ke ling se likhi gayi hay.” The role of the devil is the most beloved character of all time.

Best Villains Bollywood- Langda Tyagi- Omkara

3. Naseer Ahmed- Champion (played by Rahul Dev)

Rahul Dev did an incredible job as Naseer Ahmad in Champion. In the urge to take revenge, he stalked and hurt a small kid. This role became very famous and the people loved to hate Rahul Dev.

Rahul Dev Champion

3. Farookh Malik- Secret Superstar (played by Raj Arjun)

Farookh Malik is shown as the main antagonist who beats his wife even for small miss-happenings and doesn’t let his beloved daughter pursue her dream. The role was much talked because it let us know how deep is the control of men in our society.

Villains in Bollywood-Farookh Malik- Secret Superstar

5. Sonia Roy- Aitraaz (played by Priyanka Chopra)

Sonia Roy is depicted as a risk-taker who is ready to bring down anything that comes her way. She is extremely ambitious, and cunning. The character of Sonia brings a storm in the life of Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar).

Best Villains in Bollywood- Priyanks Chopra- Aitraaz

6. Karan- Humraaz (played by Akshaye Khanna)

Initially, Karan is shown with Priya (Amisha Patel) as two struggling artists of a dance troupe. Karan wanted to be rich overnight and for that, the actor can do anything. With the entry of Raj Singhania (Bobby Deol) the plot changes and then Karan is shown with all the characters of the devil be it blackmailing or doing murders. The character hit everyone’s emotions and qualified for being a proper devil.

Villains of Bollywood- Karan- Humraaz

7. Verma- Stanley ka Dabba (played by Amole Gupte)

Verma Sir is a hungry pig who pounces on the others tiffin without caring to whom it belonged. The battle between Stanley and Verma sir starts when Stanley doesn’t bring the desired Tiffin for Verma Sir. The role cannot be said as a proper villainous but the intentions of Verma Sir resembled that of a devil. This is one of the famous roles that this film has given us.

Verma- Stanley ka Dabba

8. Rahul- Darr (played by Shah Rukh Khan)

The king of romance Shah Rukh Khan in this movie played the role of a perfect abandoned lover who can do anything for what he wants. It is rare to see SRK playing the role of a villain in a movie.

Rahul- Darr

9. Kancha Cheena- Agneepath (played by Sanjay Dutt)

Agneepath was a classical movie, from songs to the cast to the story one of the rare movies whose remake was justified. The negative role was played by Sanjay Dutt as Kancha Cheena, from his dialogue delivery to his makeup and looks he did a fantastic job.

Kancha Cheena- Agneepath

10. Sonia Kapoor- Armaan (played by Preity Zinta)

When the character of Sonia Kapoor enters the story takes pace and shapes the film with a different perspective. Sonia Kapoor is shown as a rich woman and wants Akash (Anil Kapoor) for herself whether he is married or not. After marrying him, she accused him of cheating. This role was for a great villain.

preity zinta Armaan movie

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