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 If you’re a Kota Factory fan too, we bet that you didn’t these facts about the show.

1. Kota Factory is India’s first Black & White Web Series

If you thought that something’s wrong with your device while watching Kota Factory, you’re not alone. We all stopped and wondered for a while if the show is actually black & white. There is a calculated deliberation involved by makers to keep this series BnW.

The show was initially shot in colour, but during the post-production stage, the makers decided to minus the colours. Reason? To depict the colourless, disconnected and humdrum lives of IIT aspirants in Kota. Genius, right?

kota factory facts

2. Our Jeetu Bhaiya aka Jitendra Kumar is actually an ex-IITian

We always thought what made the actor Jitendra Kumar slip so meticulously into the character of an ex-IITian. It was all because he was an IITian. He is an alumnus of prestigious IIT Kharagpur which only top rankers secure. He was a part of Hindi dramatics society. So, when he was explaining his journey in IIIT to Vaibhav, Meena and Uday in season 1, he was really talking about himself.

Not only this, Jitendra Kumar taught physics to aspiring IITians during his struggling days after graduation.

Kota Factory Jeetu Bhaiya

3. Creator of the show, Saurabh Khanna also appeared for IIT-JEE examination

Creator of Kota Factory, Saurabh Khanna was also an IIT aspirant. He even lived in Kota preparing for engineering entrance examinations and later tutored students in one of the institutes as well.

Another interesting fact about Kota Factory; the executive producer Sameer Saxena also belongs to Kota.

kota factory director saurabh khanna
Screenwriters Association/YouTube

4. Alam Khan (Uday) was also seen in Laakhon Mein Ek, which is also based on Kota coaching centres

Uday aka Alam Khan who played Vaibhav’s close friend in Kota Factory, was also a part of another Kota-based show Laakhon Mein Ek.

uday kota factory
The Viral Fever/YouTube

5. Raghav Subbu found it the hardest to find an actor to play the Autowallah in season 1

It wasn’t Vaibhav, Vartika, Jeetu Bhaiya or Meena, but the role of autowallah that gave utmost hard time to the director Raghav Subbu. The makers wanted to cast Amitabh Bachchan in that role but due to actor’s unavailability, Deepak Kumar Mishra was casted.

Kota Factory auto Driver
The Viral Fever/YouTube

6. Opening scene of the season 1 episode 1 was the hardest to shoot

In the opening scene where an autowallah ferries Vaibhav and his father from one coaching centre to another, was the most difficult to shoot. Reason 1: The sound man was hiding between the driver and two passengers. Reason 2: The driver couldn’t see anything ahead since the view was blocked by cameras. Mishra was just following audio cues being given to him.

Kota Factory Shooting
The Viral Fever/YouTube

7. Mayur More, who played Vaibhav, also starred in a short film based on IIT aspirants

Mayur More played the protagonist in a short film Carbon Copy – A Tale of Two Brothers, based on IIT aspirants. That’s where Abhishek Yadav, the writer of Kota Factory spotted him and roped him in for the lead role.

8. Ranjan Raj (Meena) auditioned for the role from his phone by sending a video

Ranjan Raj who played Meena in Kota Factory auditioned for the role by sending a video clip of himself to the makers. The actor who played 18 year old in the show is actually 25 in real life.

balmukund meena Kota Factory
The Viral Fever/YouTube

9. The makers of Kota Factory set up a fake shoot to distract the crowd from real shoot

The makers of Kota Factory went great lengths to make their show look authentic. They even set a fake shoot in Kota to distract the audience while the real shoot took place simultaneously. Look at the picture below, besides the fake shoot, a scene is being shot where Vaibhav is leaving Prodigy for Maheshwari Classes.

The fake shoot:

Kota Factory Behind the Scenes
The Viral Fever/YouTube

The actual shoot:

Kota Factory Shoot
The Viral Fever/YouTube

10. Meena aka Ranjan Raj, like Jitendra Kumar, is also an ex-IITian

It seems like Kota Factory is made by IITians for the IIT aspirants. Like Jitendra Kumar, Ranjan Raj is also an ex-IITian. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay. Though, second year into engineering, he dropped out of college to pursue his ambition in acting.

Ranjan Raj Kota Factory
Ranjan Raj/Instagram

11. The complete show was shot in just 31 days

It took the makers only 31 days to wrap up this show. Though there are only 5 episodes per season, but the details it exhibits are too much to be shot in just a month.

kota factory Vaibhav and Vartika

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