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Below are some of the Bollywood films in which uniform goof-up created outrage:

1. Padmaavat – Portraying queen Padmavati in a bad light

The first controversy that came up was that the queen was portrayed in a very bad light, this accusation was made by the Karni Sena and the Rajput caste.

The second problem was that in the song, Ghoomar the people claimed that a woman of that stature would never dance like that in front of random people. Her ghagra-choli had an exposed midriff which was claimed to be very fictional and not very character friendly.

deepika padukone Padmaavat ghoomar

2. Rustom – Wrong uniform mishmash

A story of a naval officer, which not only covered topics of patriotism but also family affairs and specs of drama in it. But the main issue was the wrong uniform that Akshay Kumar wore while portraying the character of a Navy officer in the film.

Not only the uniform of the naval officer played by Akshay but also the two medals of Kargil war 1999 were wrong.

Rustom - Wrong uniform mishmash
Sandeep Unnithan

3. Bharat- Saree or no saree?

After all, it was Bhai’s film, and it not having any controversies is kinda unexpected. Thus, the song, Slow Motion irked fans!

Disha Patani wore a garment that was so-called named as “Saree”. But it was not the case. It was just a roll-up of the pallu that went across her body like a normal pallu. But that is not the traditional way of wearing a saree. Thus it offended a lot of people and created a whole damn mess.

Bharat song Slow Motion

4. Dishoom- Belt with Kirpan

The song Sau Tarah Ke in the movie Dishoom was definitely an adrenaline booster for the people. But Jacqueline Fernandez is seen dancing in a white dress which had a belt around her waist attached was a ‘kirpan’.

It was tagged as fashion but it typically hurt the sentiments of the people since it was connected with the Sikh community. After the problem appeared, the kirpan was cut out in editing.

Dishoom- Belt With Kirpan

5. Sam Bahadur- Vicky Kaushal’s badge

Movies based on Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw haven’t released yet. Still, there are mistakes in the trailer itself. Though it is hoped that the filmmakers do something about it. A mistake that was pointed out by a retired army officer was. “Vicky Kaushal…is wearing wrong color badges of rank. Sam was a Gurkha, never wore brass, always black badges.”

vicky kaushal as sam manekshaw
Vicky Kaushal as Sam Manekshaw. Vicky Kaushal/Instagram

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