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We have often seen people being too engrossed with any reality show. Can’t back off since being emotionally attached to a fictional character is way better than getting attached to human beings anyway!

But obviously, every other show has a script of its own and it’s pre-planned by all means. Yet there are times when people get disappointed because they find out not everything that is shown is real. That is the dark side of reality show in India. When it comes to Indian Idol the name is very widely spread and it did earn a huge amount of fandom.

Some of the truth regarding the show was revealed and the audiences were completely distorted. Here are some of the major controversies which surrounded Indian Idol:

1. Cooked-up love stories

Aditya Narayan being one of the host in this show said that the love stories that are shown in the show are fake and completely scripted. When people were seen rooting for Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal the whole love story was scripted and planned out.

Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal

2. Anu Malik’s return to the show

After multiple allegations against Indian music composer Anu Malik during the #MeToo movement, he had to step down from the judge panel of Indian Idol back in 2019.

However he made comeback as guest in Indian Idol 12 and later also joined the panel as judge. Audience were quite unhappy with the decision.

indian idol controversy - anu malik

3. Abhijeet Sawant said producers add ‘extra elements’ to the show

Abhijeet Sawant revealed that a lot of extra drama content gets added to the show just for the TRP. Except for talent which should actually be the main focus of the show makers. The people do focus on a lot of other things. Abhijeet expressed,

“Duration of extra elements used to be short at our time. But more relevance is being given to these elements today. They must give challenging work to the contestants. When you work more on other elements, the level of singing goes down. This is my biggest issue or concern. We must spend more time on singing. Every such element was fake in season 11, I have no clue about this season. We need to balance such creative ideas with singing. We must be famous because of our singing and not because of these stories.”

abhijeet sawant indian idol winner

4. Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar love story

In Indian Idol 11 a lot of rumours were flying around about Aditya and Neha being in a love situation. There were also rumours about them getting married. Later Aditya clarified the entire situation saying that those were all for TRP.

neha kakkar and aditya narayan

5. Eviction of Sahil Solanki

Sahil Solanki was perhaps one of the most voted participants in the show. But later he was evicted and that caused audiences to be very disappointed. Later he alleged that it was intentionally done because the show makers wanted to give new talents some chance instead of being monotonous with the winners.

indian idol controversy - sahil solanki

6. Sayli Kamble controversy

Sayli was shown to be the girl from a poor family with no economical support either. But when a video of her singing with a Marathi Singer went viral, fans were very upset. Since the show-makers technically fooled the audiences through cooking up stupid stories just for the sake of TRP.

7. Amit Kumar controversy

Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar was once invited to be a guest judge to the show. His experience wasn’t that great as what he shared when he was interviewed regarding the same. He said,

“I did what I was told. I was told sabko praise kamana hai. I was told jo jaisa bhi gaaye usko uplift karna hai because it’s a tribute to Kishore da. I thought it will be a homage to my father. But once there, I just followed what I was asked to do. I had told them to give me portions of the script in advance, but nothing of that sort happened. I didn’t enjoy the episode at all.”

Though that episode was supposed to be a tribute to Kishore Kumar, the audiences claimed that they didn’t do enough justice and a much better show could’ve been pulled off.

Indian Idol Controversies- Amit Kumar

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