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One of India’s most important industries is Bollywood. There are still some flaws in the sector that must be addressed. Relationships are made in the same way that they are broken, and unanswered puzzles remain unsolved.

Some of these unsolved puzzles have been waiting for someone to solve them for a long time. Aamir Khan is a very known actor in Bollywood and apart from that, he makes the headlines for his controversial life.

EXPOSED: List of 9 controversies of Aamir Khan that shows his dark side

Today we will talk about the dark side of Aamir Khan –

Relationship with British Journalist

Following the allegations of his illegal relationship with Jessica Hines, a British journalist, Aamir Khan has been embroiled in a heated discussion. Soon after the affair was made public, Aamir’s putative son Jaan was leaked.

Held his brother as captive

Faisal Khan, Aamir Khan’s brother, has accused Aamir of kidnapping him. Mela, the film’s second lead, is his real brother. He alleges he was coerced into taking medications to acquire his father’s money.

His comment on intolerance in India

Aamir Khan’s comments about intolerance in India have sparked outrage. His wife, Kiran Rao, is uneasy in the country and wants him to leave, he said. The actor’s comments provoked widespread uproar on social media and among the general public.

Aamir’s meeting with Turkey’s First lady

The encounter between Aamir Khan and Turkey’s First Lady, Emine Erdogan, has caused a stir. Since Emine released images of her encounter with him on her social media sites, this has sparked a social media dispute. Many individuals were offended by the two women’s meeting.

Aamir’s first divorce with Reena Dutta

Aamir Khan’s first divorce sparked controversy after his wife Reena Dutt filed for divorce in 2002. This divorce occurred purportedly because Aamir fell in love with Kiran Rao during the production of Lagaan. They parted ways with mutual accord after divorcing each other.

Locking horns with Amitabh Bachchan

After seeing Aamir Khan’s film, Black, he said that his performance was “over-the-top.” This ruined Aamir Khan’s relationship with Amitabh Bachchan.

Aamir’s controversial comment on Shah Rukh

Aamir Khan’s blog post went viral after he used the name of another actor in his blog. He later clarified that Shah Rukh is the name of his dog, who is named after the actor’s father. The actor has not commented on the controversy.

His hatred towards Award shows

Aamir Khan skipped all award events because he believes they are all rigged. Critics claimed that his anger stemmed from his failure to win a Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his film Dil in 1991.

His support to Narmada Bachao Andolan

In 2006, protests erupted in response to Aamir Khan’s support for Medha Patkar in his film Fanaa, which starred Kajol. Aamir not only backed Patkar in the Narmada Bachao Andolan committee’s demonstrations but also took part in them.


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