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Molkki Upcoming Story:

In the upcoming Molkki serial episodes, the gathering of guardians holding up external the school will get hold of Purvi.

The group will toss stones at Purvi to relinquish their kids who are inside the school.

The current story of Molki rotates around Prakashi paying off the columnists and getting the message out that Purvi constrained the school children to make explosives.

Then again, Purvi is stowing away in a storeroom with Manas and harmed Virendra.

Purvi treats Virendra's injury on the directions given by the specialist on a video call.

Presently, according to the serial tattles of Molki, the guardians will get hold of Juhi and will take steps to hurt her assuming Purvi doesn't give up.

At the point when Purvi will come out to save Juhi, the group will castigate her.

In the mean time, Manas will show Virendra the live film of a news channel where he'll see the group hurting Purvi with stones, as per the spoilers of Molki.

Allow us to see whether Purvi substantiates herself blameless, in the upcoming bits of the Molki serial.

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