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Udaariyaan Upcoming Story:

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Angad will be enraged later Tejo goes out without implication.

Angad will observe Fateh and will caution him to avoid Tejo. He'll tell Fateh that Tejo doesn't have any space for him in her life.

The current story of Udariyan spins around Tejo looking into Jasmine and Fateh's phony marriage.

At the point when Fateh comes clean with Tejo that Angad knew for some time, Tejo contends with Angad and lets him know that she is adequately able to settle on her own choices.

Tejo gets back to Moga where Sati is overpowered to invite her.

Presently, according to the tattles of Udaariyan, Angad will request that Fateh avoid Tejo and will let him know that Tejo has a bad situation for him any longer.

Fateh will get back to Moga and will choose to make himself competent for Tejo and recapture her affection.

Then again, Jasmine will illuminate Fateh and Tejo's image with fire and will anticipate an opportunity to render her retribution, as indicated by the spoiler of Udaria.

Allow us to see will Tejo pardon Fateh or Angad returns into her life, in the upcoming spots of the Udariya serial.

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