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Highlighting toxic girlfriends has been around for ages in Bollywood. And it is rather taken for granted now, cause Karan Johar and the other Bollywood money makers want to add little spice to the story. Though they try to portray a happy ending, that doesn’t really come out as very realistic in the end. Since real life is quite different from reel life.

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Below is the list of some of the most annoying girlfriends, fiancees or wives in Bollywood films who no guy would want to date:

1. Taani from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Despite the fact that she had a very caring husband who was doing anything he could’ve done just to see her happy, she kept on cheating on him.

She decided to fall for a douche bag and a pretentious fluff boy instead of her caring husband. Even though all he wanted was to see her happy.

Everything which revolved around her was always shabby and sad. It’s like no matter what you’d do, it is practically impossible to make her happy.

anushka sharma Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

2. Tanu from Tanu Weds Manu

I’d like to present R. Madhavan as the dumbest boyfriend/fiance/a person will dumb girl choice of the fictional year!

Tanu kept on leading Manu even after she rejected him and had a whole boyfriend on the other side. Well, some females can’t really breathe without validation from other men. Especially some who need the attention of the people they reject just to get the feels of being the superior and attractive one.

kangana ranaut tanu weds manu

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3. Ruchika (Chiku) from Pyaar Ka Punchnama

That fact that this whole film was to make dumb boys understand how to stay away from toxic people and toxic girls understand how irritating their existence is.

Ruchika was legit annoying, though she’s a fictional character, she used to get on my nerves. Without giving a thought about her boyfriend’s privacy she went one searching for his ex-girlfriend. Made no move about the fact that her boy best friend makes her boyfriend uncomfortable.

Oh and the main thing she doesn’t even care about is the fact that she keeps on bitching about her boyfriend with her friends.

nushrat bharucha pyaar ka punchnama

4. Natasha from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Though this film is a very loved and with a good plot. And Natasha’s character actually added to the whole situation making it better. But if we judge her on that basis, it’s pretty sure that she’s very annoying and whiny.

Crashing at your fiance’s bachelor party, was not funny. Throwing Bagwati like that, was not funny.

Making Kabir propose to you, just because you got confused between the ring for you and it’s no wonder Kabir dumps his at the end.

kalki koechlin zindagi na milegi dobara

5. Karishma from Hasee Toh Phasee

Whatever happens, a storm, pandemic, typhoon, anything everything that could possibly make Karishma upset, led to only one thing. That is, her threatening to dump her boyfriend. Such maturity, much wow.

karishma from hassee toh phasee

6. Shanaya from Student Of The Year

Ah, the whiniest person of the whole bunch.

Dumped the guy who helped her to catch her “boyfriend’s” attention who was currently busy entertaining another girl who was not his girlfriend.

Though that’s a bit messed up, but Shanaya couldn’t set her priorities straight. Which is way too toxic. She’s mature enough to make other decisions by herself and not this one. Petty girl.

alia bhatt student of the year

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