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As SRK said in Happy New Year, Qismat Badi Kutti Cheez Hai, Saali Kabhi Bhi Palat Jaati Hai, these Bollywood stars hit the rock bottom of their career and life just when they were enjoying all the love and stardom.

1. AK Hangal

Bollywood’s much popular veteran actor whose dialogue “Itna sannata kyu hai bhai” became a cult was leading a good life earlier but hit the acute poverty in the later part of his life.

It was reported that Amitabh Bachchan had given a helping hand of Rs 20 lakhs to his Sholay co-actor who died at the age of 97.

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2. Parveen Babi

The bold and gorgeous actress suffered a lot due to the mental illness diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. She broke her links with all the industry friends and started living a lonely and far from fortunate life.

In January 2005, she was reported to be dead in her flat when she didn’t pick newspapers and milk for three days. When no one came to claim her body for 2 days, her ex-lover Mahesh Bhatt performed her last rites.

3. Vimi

The Punjabi girl Vimi started her Bollywood journey with a film opposite Sunil Dutt made by BR Chopra. Her talent was noted and praised which led her to gain stardom in 60s and 70s.

However, later she fell in love with a businessman and married him against her parents’ wish. The husband turned out to be of dictating nature which she didn’t like so took divorce from him. No work and no love made her alcoholic and she died on August 22, 1977.

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4. Achala Sachdev

The Bollywood actress whose beauty in song Ae Meri Zohrajabeen melted many hearts didn’t have a fruitful later part of her life. She was abandoned by her son and was living alone in Pune after her husband’s death.

A fracture in her femur as she went into her kitchen to get a glass of water made her hospitalised. She was later diagnosed with multiple emboli in her brain, leading to quadriplegia – total paralysis of all four limbs and torso.

No one was there for her in her last time and she took her final breath on April 30, 2012.

5. Meena Kumari

Bollywood’s tragedy queen Meena Kumari had a similar fate of life after she married filmmaker Kamal Amrohi secretly. Post the news became public, Kamal Amrohi allowed her to work in films on few conditions which became a problem between the two.

Meena Kumari got severely addicted to alcohol and died. She left behind huge bills and debts.

6. Raj Kiran

Popular Bollywood actor Raj Kiran suddenly disappeared from the industry, but was located by his Karz co-actor and Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor in Atlanta’s mental asylum.

In 2011, his daughter issued a public statement nullifying the reports of Raj Kiran being found in Atlanta. They have been looking for him with the assistance of New York police and private detectives since then.

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7. Bhagwan Dada

The actor lived a plush life and had a number of bungalows, big cars, but disasters like Jhamela & Labela affected him like hell and he ended up being in one of Mumbai’s dirty slums.

The actor died of a massive heart attack at his residence on February 4, 2002.

8. O.P Nayyar:

The famous music director gave many big hits to the industry but led a pathetic later part of the life due to alcoholism.

He ended up breaking all his relations with his family and spent his last days at a fan’s home. His condition was reportedly so bad that, when someone used to approach him for interviews, he asked for alcohol and money in return.

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9. Satish Kaul:

After working with stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Govinda in 300 Bollywood and Punjabi films, Satish Kaul is currently leading a miserable life.

Satish lost all his money in the business which took a toll on his health and left him bedridden.

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10. Bharat Bhushan:

One of the best and popular Bollywood actors, Bharat Bhushan’s affair with Meena Kumari and his habit of not saving money affected his life for bad. In his last days when he stopped getting movies, he had to work as a watchman in a movie studio.

He also did some small roles on TV and in small budget movies to get money. Bharat Bhushan died in 1992 in a rented flat.


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