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The latest edition of the Met Gala took place in New York on May 2. Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts a fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. A theme is laid down and the most popular personalities across fashion, film, and social media, dress up according to the theme.

In the simplest of terms, Met Gala can be seen as a fancy dress competition for celebrities. Some celebrities served looks, while some served yawns. The theme, this year, was 'In America: An Anthology of Fashion'.

While everyone was busy looking and judging celeb looks, desis found something which caught their eye.
Sebastian Stan's look was highly similar to what Govinda did years ago.

This look got us thinking of how Govinda had been pushing the fashion envelope since the 90s. Much before Ranveer Singh got praised for his outfits. Govinda has been the fashion icon extraordinaire. His sartorial sense had been much ahead of his time.

Govinda has always been Met Gala ready. And here is all the proof you need.

1. Quirky printed shirts are in rage now. One in five Instagram thrift stores sell quirky printed shirts. But guess who made it fashion back in the day?

Govinda in a mustard printed shirt
Source: ScoopWhoop

2. Move over Julia Fox's denim on denim look. Govinda pulls this off way better.

Govinda's denim look
Source: ScoopWhoop

3. If the Met Gala theme was deus ex machina, Govinda would have nailed it.

Govinda in a faux leather outfit
Source: InUth

4. A few years ago, these kitschy printed shirts would have been labelled as faux pas. But Govinda, was living years ahead. One day, we'll see fashion influencers in a similar shirt. And I kid you not, when I say that day is near.

Govinda in a multicolour shirt
Source: East News

5. Find me a celebrity who does printed shirts better. I'll wait.

Govinda in a floral shirt
Source: Tribune India

6. Somehow this bejewelled shirt gives very Aladdin vibes.

Govinda in blue
Source: Pinterest

7. So there's a peacock feather on the hat, plus a quirky printed tie, and a teeka. Talk about fusion looks.

Govinda in a fusion look
Source: Pinterest

8. Printed shirts and fitted leather pants. Only Govinda's forte.

Govinda in Deewana Mastana
Source: Cinestaan

9. Fashion influencers are doing print on print trend now when Govinda had done it back in his days.

Govinda layering prints
Source: Cinestaan

10. Is it possible that Machine Gun Kelly was inspired by Govinda?

Govinda and Karisma Kapoor
Source: Cinestaan

11. A starry jacket for the star.

Govinda in a star jacket
Source: News Daily India

12. A true fashion icon.

Govinda in a music video
Source: Geo News

13. Were the looks in the Hollywood film 300 inspired from this?

Govinda and Shakti Kapoor
Source: Hamara Photos

14. There's no such thing as too much glitter for Govinda.

Govinda when he was younger
Source: Pic Click

15. Fashion moodboard for Willy Wonka?

Govinda in white
Source: Filmi Beat

16. Shah Rukh Khan popularized mesh shirts in Josh. Govinda did it before him.

Govinda in a mesh shirt
Source: Pinterest

17. Cannot wait for Hollywood celebrities to copy this look for a future Met Gala.

Govinda and Raveena Tandon
Source: Film Companion

18. I had to save the best for the last.

Govinda and Juhi Chawla
Source: India Forums

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