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Panchayat Season 2 has left us with much to feel and think about. Possibly one of the many reasons, this show wins everyone's heart is how unlike the vast majority of web series that keep guns, goons, and gaalis in focus, this show is a stark contrast. It is, in fact, the simplicity of the story and the characters that wins our heart.

Panchayat on Amazon Prime Video
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The second season gave us new characters who blew us with their performances. But we cannot help but always go back to Pradhan Ji, Abhishek, Vikas, and Prahlad. However, we have to admit that Prahlad Pandey had the best character arc in the second season.

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Panchayat Office Phulera
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Prahlad Pandey, who is the Upa Pradhan (Deputy Pradhan) is always shown as Pradhan Ji's sidekick. Played by Faisal Malik, he has always added the comic elements to the show with his stellar comic timing. Prahlad is shown as someone who loves food, but rather than stereotyping him as such, the makers have added depth by showing him as someone who is true to his job, has made peace with his life, and someone who never shies away.

Prahlad in Season 1
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Season 2 brought out a very different side of Prahlad. We see a fatherly instinct in him. It is always mentioned how he hasn't had an ounce of alcohol because his son is at home. Or even making chapatis for Rahul to take with him on the train. Just like life, things take a turn and we are brought face to face with the bad news.

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Prahlad in Season 2
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Prahlad with his son, Rahul
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The last episode of Panchayat Season 2 showed us a very different side of Prahlad. And we cannot help but feel the same amount of pain as him. The raw and real performance by Faisal Malik touched everyone's heart.

Prior to Panchayat, Faisal was seen in Gangs Of Wasseypur as Inspector Gopal Singh. He has also worked on Revolver Rani and Main Aur Charles as a producer. 

Faisal Malik in Gangs Of Wasseypur
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Hailing from Prayagraj, Malik had come to Mumbai in 2002 when he was 22 years old. His father sent him to Mumbai to get an MBA degree after he finished his B.Com from Lucknow. However, he wasn't able to focus on his studies. Someone suggested he take up acting but he knew the path will be tough. He took up odd jobs to sustain himself.

Faisal Malik as prahlad Pandey
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In one of his interviews, Faisal recounts how people were scared of his appearance. He would go around production houses and tell them if they needed a "dark, fat man" they should call him.

Faisal runs a production company and acting is something that makes him nervous. When Panchayat happened, he was unsure because the world of web series was dominated by shows on crime and the underworld. But what happened next was for the best.

Now we cannot help but wait to see what the actor has in store for us in the future.


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