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Problematic comedy is perhaps one big key factor in what Bollywood is built up now. There are WTF moments and mostly the moments where you look at the screen with your blank or frowned-up face thinking to yourself, ‘what did he say?’ and well, Bollywood doesn’t do anything to control this aspect of their whatsoever.

In the name of comedy, Bollywood likes to openly roast other people, call out, fat shame, and sometimes even pass very sexist jokes to get the audience laughing. Bollywood frequently employs patriarchal, chauvinist, and bigoted themes such as cross-dressing, negative body image, characterizing groups, and obscenity in the guise of humor.

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However, comedy is about more than insulting caricatures, and these shows shown that subject can be funny without being obscene or controversial:

1. Panchayat – Amazon Prime Video

This contextual comedy, featuring Jeetendra Kumar, is quite unlike any one of us had previously encountered. The show it transported us to Indian villages and told a story that every hardworking youngster could connect to. Panchayat is a must-see comedy that is hilarious, warm, and features a superb ensemble.

panchayat web series

2. Gullak – SonyLiv

Everyone who emerged up in a middle-class home will identify to this dramedy, which conjures humor and recollections with every personality, location, and vernacular conversation.

gullak web series

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3. Yeh Meri Family – Netflix

Yeh Meri Family was a lovely and relevant comedy about first loves, sibling interactions, and long weekends that was the wonderful stroll down remembering memory. Also, Shanky’s sage advice and unmistakable swag!

Yeh Meri Family

4. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai – Disney+Hotstar

There has yet to be a screwball comedy that indeed comes anywhere close to Sarabhai’s sardonic humour.

Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

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5. Permanent Roommates – MX Player

Permanent Roommates was the story that made us fall back in love with Sumeet Vyas character. It was sincere and funny, with no backward gags or stereotypes about marriage, men’s independence, or clinging women.

TVF Permanent Roommates

6. TVF Tripling – MX Player

TVF Tripling is a program that mixes the joys of road trips with the joys of familial relationships. It’s still a bigger outcome than most popular sitcoms, even if the charm fades in the second season.

TVF Tripling

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7. Star Boyz – YouTube

What else do you expect if there’s Kenny in a video? The guy can makes jokes about what goes inside a woman’s purse and make a crowd laugh at what he says and that is exactly the portrayal of reality. Star Boyz is an innovative humor that follows the antics of three lads in space. It has a fresh, though bizarre, premise that makes it one heck of an unconventional comedy.

8. Adulting – YouTube

Adulting is the perfect blend of comedy and drama, reminding you of the pleasures and trials of moving away from home and discovering relatives in your flatmates.

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9. Ladies Room – YouTube

Ladies Room includes instances that will get you laugh out loud while also remembering you of your BFF, thanks to the fact that the entire episode is shot in separate restrooms. Or, more significantly, your BFF’s escapades.

10. What The Folks – YouTube

What The Folks is an informative, light-hearted program that is well worth watching. It is one of the few sitcoms that looks at how life transforms for a partner after weddings, particularly in terms of coping with in-laws.

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11. Bang Baaja Baaraat – Amazon Prime Video

Even the most devoted romantic couples can find themselves at odds in the days leading up to the big opulent Indian wedding. Bang Baaja Baraat comes that insane wedding preparation process to life in a way that may give hackneyed rom-coms a competition for their money.

The programme also deserves credit for depicting kissing moments and sexual attraction in a courteous and effective manner that was consistent with the narrative and did not appear to be inserted for the sole purpose of increasing audience.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

12. Pushpavalli – Amazon Prime Video

In this dark comedy, You meets Fleabag as a young girl who can’t tell the difference between infatuation and addiction. While Pushpavalli is far from a protagonist, she is so unlike your typical heroine that you can’t seem to help but respect. Sumukhi Suresh’s bravery and originality in creating (and portraying) such a heroine. It was a wonderful experience!

Pushpavalli web series
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