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Because of a lot of initiatives she has worked on and the amount of coverage she has received from the internet behemoth, Radhika Apte was once dubbed Netflix Girl. OTT is just getting started, and the starlet is making the best of the situation. Notwithstanding her success and sustained effort in films such as Andhadhun and Lust Stories, she is still dismissed due to her physical physiological parameters.

Details can be found further down. It is not a new thing that has been happening in Bollywood. Some actors just fit in the category and some, like Radhika, speak out about it openly to let people be aware of the dark side of Bollywood.

In the previous, the starlet has stirred outrage as a result of her numerous endeavors. But nothing has ever deterred her from delivering her all in any position she takes on. After a 17-year profession, the performer has confessed that she was just turned down for a role because the other performer had larger boobs and pout.

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Radhika Apte is a well-known actress who just never ceases to dazzle

However, we haven’t seen much of her, so it appears that she hasn’t been evaluated for any prominent roles. When in a conversation with Mid-Day, Apte mentioned discriminatory reasons for being turned down for appearing in movies.

This is what she said during an interview, according to the actress,

“I recently got rejected because the other actor had bigger lips and bigger breasts. I was told, ‘She looks sexier, and sells more.’ It was a good film…. being made by people whom I respect. You look up to (certain people), and think, ‘They won’t be into this.’ But they also (have such a mindset). Hopefully, the more women we have in, the more things will change.”

The actress from Parched has dealt with objectifying women before, and she handled it expertly. Radhika revealed to Film Companion that she was offered many solutions to help her fit through into ‘quintessential actress’ classification. That is what she added to the conversation,

“I had that pressure before. When I was new, I was told to do lots of jobs on my body and face. In the first meeting I had, I was told to change my nose. In the second meeting I had, I was told to get a boob job. Then that continued, then I was told to do something to my legs, then something to my jaw, and something to refill somewhere here (points to her cheeks) then botox. Like, it took me 30 years to color my hair.”

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