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From women’s objectification to misogyny to fat shaming, Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show have cracked jokes on every regressive topic under the sun! It’s revolting how the entire show is based on troublesome issues while masquerading as comedy. The regressive and harmful ideas were disguised as ‘fun’ and ‘humour,’ and the deception worked for years.

Here are ten examples of Kapil Sharma expressing disrespectful things on and off-air to show you what his comedy looks like and why it needs to stop.

1. Objectification of Women: When he called Sunny Leone “Italian pasta with white sauce”

Yes, in one of Kapil Sharma Show 2’s episodes, Kapil referred to Sunny Leone as “Italian spaghetti with white sauce.” “Baar Baar Dekho, hazaar baar dekho, yeh dekhne ki cheez hai,” he sung! In fact, he continued remarking on her beauty and calling her “teen baccho ki ma.” Throughout the show, he made no attempt to inquire about her job.

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2. Preaching Stalking As Cool

When he gave a one-minute speech on how males can be stalkers before flirting with a show audience member.

3. Sexist & Tasteless Jokes

This was an actual joke on Comedy Night With Kapil:

Kapil: 12 hazaar diye hain maine Sohail Bhai ko.

Sumona Chakravarti: Tum paise deke ye film kar rahe ho?

Kapil: Kya karein? Ladke hain, paise hi de sakte hain.

4. Shameless Sexist Jokes:

Throughout the show, Kapil Sharma indulges in misogynistic jokes!
Kapil Sharma will never treat his wife with respect on the show. He would constantly make derogatory remarks, urging her to return to the kitchen rather than take the stage. We get that this is a comedy programme, but does misogyny have to be a part of it? Why don’t we see his wife retaliating with twice the amount of ‘comic’ venom?

5. Obscene double meaning vulgar Jokes:

When he welcomed Nora Fatehi with lines, “Bhookha aadmi jo hota hai, use 2 roti dikha do toh uski aankhon mein aansu aa jaate hain”. Which translates to, “When someone is hungry, even the sight of two chapatis brings tears to their eyes”.

6. Obscene double meaning vulgar Jokes:

On a supposedly family show, he asked Riteish Deshmukh, “Jab aadmi chota hota hai toh uska sab kuch chota ho jaata hai?”.

When he asked Bipasha Basu if he could sleep in her room if she had a nightmare, she said yes.

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8. Massive Body-shaming:

He constantly making jokes about Archana Puran Singh’s body, and all of his remarks are demeaning. Many people have previously stated the same thing.

9. When he blatantly body-shamed a person on social media.

10. Massive Body-Shaming & Sexist Jokes:

Sumona Chakraborty (his on-screen wife) was the target of body shaming in the early episodes, with fellow comedians making fun of her lips and the way she speaks. Later on, another character was introduced who was mocked for her size. Bua, represented by Upasana Bharadwaj, was teased a lot for being unmarried at her age.

Is this really funny? If this is comedy then we are definitely doomed! What do you think?

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