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India is the largest producer of movies in the entire world. Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and other regional cinema industries together produce more movies than any nation in the world.

The Indian film industry is the world’s most profitable movie-making nation, with a net gross production of 800 to 1,000 movies every year which is almost double the net creation produced by Hollywood.

With feminism and women empowerment becoming the most-talked subjects, actresses have become more open about prevalent issues. Meanwhile, Tollywood actress, Anushka Shetty has opened up about the casting couch incident in the Telugu film industry.

We all know that Anushka Shetty is one of the top actresses in India. Notably, she is a perfect example of beauty with brains, Sweety Shetty who goes by her stage name Anushka is currently the highest-paid actress in the South Indian industry.

Female actresses who exposed the dark side of Tollywood film industry, catch full details

Prior to becoming an actress she worked as a model. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the TN State Film award, Filmfare awards and three CineMAA Awards. She holds a degree in Bachelor’s computer application from Mount Carmel, Bengaluru. In addition to that, she also is an accomplished yoga instructor. 

During the promotional event of her film Nishabdham, she added that a casting couch does exist in the Telugu film industry. She opened up about how she protected herself from it.

She was quoted saying, ”I admit that it exists in the Telugu film industry, but I never had to face it because I was straightforward.” Anushka Sharma further admitted that her straightforward attitude didn’t give a chance for anyone to exploit her.

Radhika Apte reveals the darkest moment that she faced in Telugu film industry

Radhika Apte appeared in a number of different languages in the film. This actress has incredible acting abilities that allow her to play a variety of roles effortlessly. In terms of short series, we all agree that she’s the finest.

When Radhika Apte and London-based musician Benedict Taylor tied the knot in 2012, the world took notice. The two have been able to maintain their personal and professional lives completely separate during their time together.

Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte shared an unexpected experience that she went through during her first day in a Telugu film. Back in 2018 when she turned up for a chat show, she disclosed her terrible experience. One of the top stars in the Tollywood industry tried to misbehave with the actress.

Female actresses who exposed the dark side of Tollywood film industry, catch full details

The actor went up to Radhika Apte and then tickled her and the actress didn’t like it one bit. She also snapped at the actor for touching her. The actress was last seen in “ok computer” in 2021.

Talking about her foul experience, she said: “My first day in a Telugu film. There is a scene where I am lying (down), because I am unwell. There are a lot of people; everything is set. And the (male) actor walks in – and we’ve been rehearsing – he walks in… I don’t even know him, and he starts tickling my feet!” she further elaborated, “He was a big actor… I was told he is powerful.

But [the person] who I am, I got up and I snapped at him in front of everybody – the whole crew, the junior artists, everybody. And I looked at him and said, “don’t ever, ever do that to me.” I was so angry, I told him “ever, ever!”. He was so shocked, because he didn’t expect that. But he never touched me again.”



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