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Tanushree Dutta, an actress who kick-started the whole #MeToo movement in India in 2018 and sparked a conversation about sexual assault and misconduct, is again in the news as she claimed that she was harassed and said that her life is in danger.

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Dutta has made some startling revelations on Instagram. Dutta claimed to be harassed and targeted in her most recent post, which was published on July 19 on Instagram.

With her Instagram post, she made a strong statement on social media accusing the “Bollywood mafias” of harassing and attacking her. She has indirectly taken Nana Patekar’s name by asserting that she is certain that the #MeToo culprits and the NGO she exposed are responsible for all of this, but that nothing will stop her and that she won’t commit suicide.

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Tanushree Dutta/Instagram

Tanushree Dutta wrote a letter about being harassed

Tanushree Dutta tweeted a photo of herself wearing a red dress along with a lengthy letter in which she claimed she was being harassed and attacked. She said that throughout the previous year, her efforts had been undermined in the film business. Above all, she claimed that a shady Muslim maid who had been “planted” at her home had injected drugs and steroids into her water supply, causing health problems.

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She wrote,

“I’m being harassed & targeted very badly. Please someone do something!! First it was my bollywood work being sabotaged last one year, then a maid was planted to douse my drinking water with medications & steroids which caused all kinds of severe health problems.”

She further mentioned in the post that she had supposedly gone to Ujjain to get away from the harassment. In her post, she added,

“Then when I escaped to Ujjain in May my vehicle brakes tampered twice & accident. I barely escaped death & returned mumbai after 40 days to resume normal life & work. Now strange disgusting stuff in my building outside my flat (sic).”

Dutta stated in her post that she would not commit suicide and challenged people who were harassing her. She said,

“I’m not going to commit suicide for sure yeh kaan kholkar sun lo sab log!! Nor am I leaving & going anywhere. I’m here to stay & resurrect my public career to greater heights than ever before! The Bollywood Mafia, the old political circuit of Maharashtra ( which still has influence here) and nefarious anti – national criminal elements together usually operate like this to trouble people. I’m very sure the #metoo culprits & the NGO who I exposed are behind all this because why else would I be targeted & harassed like this?? Shame on you all! Shame on you.”

She called for the central government to take charge of the local issues, which, in her opinion, were getting out of hand, and expressed her desire for presidential or military leadership in the state. She wrote,

“I wish presidents rule & military rule to be estalished in Maharashtra & central govt exerting total control over ground level matters too. Things are really going out of hand here. Regular folks like me are suffering. Something drastic has to happen here. Today it’s me tomorrow it can be you also.”

Have a look at her Instagram post below

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She has previously spoken about the Bollywood mafia’s attempts to ruin her film career and remarked that regardless of their wealth and influence, “Karma is watching.” She pleaded with the people bothering her and other actresses like her to show a little grace and let others succeed.

Tanushree has previously accused actor Nana Patekar of harassing her and approaching her inappropriately while they were filming a song for the 2008 movie “Horn Ok Please.”  When she declined to dance with him, she said that he contacted members of a political party to bully her. The actress had also claimed that the song’s choreographer, Ganesh Acharya, had included additional moves that were “intimate.”

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