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It is not new for consumers of cinema in India to know how much is splurged on films. We have been making many expensive films, sometimes more than one in a year. While a large part of that goes to marketing and paying the cast and crew, one of the key factors where money is required is building the sets of the films. These sets make the film believable and provide a perfect backdrop to the story. But at times, the sets become super expensive, so much that these become the talking point about the film. 

Here are 10 Bollywood films that had the most expensive sets of all times:

In Pictures: The Most Expensive Bollywood Sets And Their Price Will Leave You Speechless!

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The film was supposed to be shot at Chittor fort, but due to protest and vandalismSanjay Leela Bhansali had to recreate the fort in Mumbai and the cost of making the sets went up
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  • 311
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  • 511
  • 611
  • 711
  • 811
  • 911
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