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In Bollywood, we have been watching new films for many years, one of which came out in 1999, Sirf Tum. The film stars Sanjay Kapoor and Priya Gill in the lead roles. Priya Gill has been a finalist in Miss India 1995. Priya Gill is also known for her innocent performance in ‘Sirf Tum’.

Priya’s character is very much remembered in this film. The actress, who was praised for her innocent performance from her debut film, has now disappeared from the films. Today Priya is living her life in oblivion.

The film has completed 22 years. Now the actor of this film Sanjay Kapoor has refreshed his memories associated with the film. Sharing the poster of the film, Sanjay wrote, 22 years only to you. “I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this beautiful love story film,” he wrote.

The film was well-received. Priya Gill’s appearance and performance with Sanjay were highly praised by the audience. Priya was much loved in the role of Aarti in this film.

Priya Gill got a lot of headlines from this film. But no one even remembers Priya Gill’s name in Bollywood today. Today no one knows where Priya Gill is and what she is doing.

Actress Priya Gill made her Bollywood debut in 1996 with Arshad Warsi in ‘Tere Mere Sapne’. But his first film was a complete flop. The film did not do well at the box office.

Priya Gill has also shared the screen with Bollywood superstars like Shah Rukh Khan and Sunil Shetty. But the actress got her countrywide recognition only from the movie ‘Sirf Tum’.

Apart from ‘Sirf Tum’ and ‘Tere Mere Sapne’, Priya Gill “Josh” was seen with Shah Rukh Khan in the film. After this, Priya has not been seen in any other Bollywood film.

Priya was last seen in the military film ‘LOC’ starring Bollywood stars. When Priya did not work in national films, she started doing regional films.

She was first seen in Megham in Malayalam and then in Ji Aaya Nu in Punjabi. She has also acted in many Bhojpuri films.

Priya Gill’s journey in Bollywood lasted only 10 years. Priya also gave hits like Tere Mere Sapne, Sirf Tum, and Josh. After this, Priya was not only seen in the film.

But she was nowhere socially active. The last time Priya Gill was seen was in the 2006 film Bhairavi.

Priya Gill is away from movies nowadays. Not long ago, her pictures went viral on social media. In this picture, Priya Gill is having a meal with some children at the Gurdwara. Priya lives outside the country but it has not been confirmed yet.


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